Granny slam was an original So Random sketch it is about two grannies fighting using complaining bragging and being too loud at the movies

Round One Complaining

Hooper scooper

My back hurts, Put that on a coaster, Whats that smell.

Gramma Shirliene

Turn off that Racket, My gurdle is too tight, Happy birthday did you get my five dollar check

Round Two Bragging

Hooper scooper

My grandson calls me everyday, My grandsons a doctor and a lawyer

Gramma Shirliene

My grandson calls me every week, My grandsons a doctor

Round Three Talking too loud at the movies

Hooper Scooper

He's the bad guy, The picture is fuzzy falls asleep

Gramma Shirlien

What did he just say, My grandson's a docter falls asleep

Nico as Gramma Shirlien

Grady as Gramma Hooper Scooper

Tawni as announcer